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deSta- Decolonial city tour


Give away a voucher for one of our guided tours or find our digital guide for conversations about racism and decolonization here. We are working on expanding our offer. Check back here soon to find out more.

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With our vouchers, you not only give the gift of a unique experience, but also the opportunity to view the past and present of our city districts from a decolonial perspective. It's a gift that not only informs, but also inspires! Get a voucher now and open the doors to an exciting and enriching city tour that will live long in the memory.


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The are currently no special events coming up. Check back again later.

All tours

1.5- 2 hours
Saturdays and Sundays
Join us on an alternative guided tour in Berlin-Wedding. Find out more about the historical connection between the street names and the former German colonies. Learn unexpected facts about German colonial rulers and exciting stories about courageous resistance fighters from the African continent.

ab 25,00 

2 hours
Every Saturday and Sunday
Get to know Black & Queer Feminism. Find out how it differs from white Feminism is different. Broaden your horizons with this exciting and enriching tour through the Schöneberg district.

ab 25,00 

2 hours
Every Friday

Experience a change of perspective in one of Berlin's newest historical and cultural sites. Explore the debates surrounding the reconstruction of the palace, the exhibition of cultural artefacts from the African continent and the topic of restitution.

ab 25,00 

Group tours

Get out of the office or classroom! Take your friends and family on an exciting weekend trip! Come and experience a tour that will give you plenty to discuss and stimulate you.