Decolonial city tour

German colonies outside Africa

Bismarck Archipelago, Neuhannover, Scharnhorst... have you ever heard of these places? Guess what: none of these places are in Germany - on the contrary, they are all very, very far away. You may have noticed that, for the very first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, the 2018 coalition agreement of the Grand Coalition [...]

How does (did) Germany benefit from the slave trade?

The activities of the Germans in the global trade with enslaved people enriched the German financial and capital system, which flowed into the raw materials and metal industry, among other things, which helped to create our current prosperity.

What does colonialism have to do with climate change?

The existing power structures of colonialism harm many people around the world, even the Global North. Its consequences extend far beyond its direct effects. One of the major problems we face today is climate change, and colonialism has contributed to the fact that industrialized countries now emit far more greenhouse gases than countries in the Global South. This is due to [...]

White fragility

Today we are talking about white fragility.
This term was used by Robin DiAngelo in her book. In it, she describes "white fragility" as the defensive reactions of some white people when confronted with racism.

History of medicine

Although difficult, the first step to eliminating or combating racism in medicine is to understand that it goes beyond personal bias or prejudice on the part of healthcare providers.

Trivialization of racism

Today we are talking about a children's playground in Berlin Mitte, the Volkspark Friedrichshain. Racism is still trivialized in various ways today, both intentionally and unintentionally. This leads us to normalize violent expressions or games. Those affected experience microaggressions. Here are examples of what this can look like: Let's get into the topic now: [...]

Human remains - Who has access?

Who are we without the recognition of our human body? An essential part of our image of humanity is the official recognition of our remains. Even if we die alone, we are still connected to our loved ones. In order to feel part of society, our documentation counts. We understand ourselves through grief. By seeing how [...]

May Ayim: An Afro-German inspiration

Did you know that the effects of racism in German society cost May Ayim her life? Her story tells us about the experiences of being an Afro-German woman and how these experiences can affect your mental health. Let's read a little more about her life and her activism. What does [...]