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“I enjoyed our tour of the “African Quarter” last week. I know the others thought highly too since we chatted a little afterward to get to know each other. Speaking only for myself, I knew next to nothing about the “Afrikanische Viertel” going into the tour, besides seeing the name on a map. So it was illuminating to walk through it with you and observe the many traces of the colonial past – some kitschy, some maddening, all embedded, astonishingly, in the everyday. I would have gladly had the tour go on longer for that (but maybe not during a heat wave!). Overall very enriching and stimulating! I

look forward to seeing how the company grows and hope to do another one sometime. Appreciate you doing this important work!”

R., Teilnehmer

“I have recently been guided by Justice and Desmond on a tour in the Afrikanisches Viertel in Wedding. Every street in this quarter has its own history. What I particularly liked about this tour is that the guides kept it very much fact based, leaving each participant with a headspace to make their own mind about these past events in German colonial history. Both Justice and Desmond were open for questions and readily shared their knowledge and perspective. This tour sparked curiosity in me and I now want to explore this part of Berlin more. I highly recommend this tour!”

Marina S., Teilnehmerin
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